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Core Values Poster Presentation & Competition

The Core Values Poster Presentation and Competition provides an opportunity for collegiate chapters to highlight one of their successful events that demonstrates at least one of the Fraternity's Core Values.

Posters will be judged by an independent panel of judges on the following criteria:

  • Visual appeal and poster content (See our helpful hints below.)
  • Originality of event
  • Correlation to the Core Value chosen
  • Verbal presentation

Competition Rules

  • Entry forms must be submitted by June 1. Submitting chapters will be notified of their poster's acceptance by June 15.
    and will be provided with further information. Submit an Entry Form Now
  • The date of the event being depicted on the poster must be between August 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019.
  • The event must portray one of the following Core Values:
    • Integrity
    • Leadership
    • Scholarship
    • Service
    • Sisterhood
  • The poster must be presented on Thursday, August 1st, at the 2019 LKS Annual Convention.
  • One winner and two runners-up will be announced on the last night of the convention.
  • Poster Criteria
    • No smaller than 3x5 feet and no larger than 4x6 feet
    • Must be designed to be held by push pins. Title must accurately portray the event and be clearly visible.
  • Poster Presentation
    • Presenters must be prepared to give a 3 to 5 minute overview of the poster to the judges.
    • Presenters should allow LKS members to view the poster and ask questions.
    • Consider having poster handouts for people who stop to look at your poster (optional).

Design Helpful Hints

  • Poster Templates
    • PowerPoint includes poster templates.
    • can be used to print your poster by using the scientific poster link. (Allow at least 7 days for printing and delivery.)
  • Organization
    • The flow of content should be easy to read.
    • Information should be organized in 3 to 5 columns from left to right.
    • Headings of each section should aid readers in moving through poster content.
    • Maintain consistency throughout poster. Section headings should be the same font and point size and columns should be the same width.
    • Keep text simple and direct.
    • Bullets help organize text.
    • Ensure text boxes, photos, charts, etc. are aligned.
    • Space is important, so allow for some white space.
  • Fonts
    • Maintain consistency in each section.
    • Recommendations: Arial, Calibri, Verdana, Times New Roman, Garamond, Century
  • Text Size
    • All CAPITALS are difficult to read.
    • General recommendations: Title – 96 point; Chapter Name – 72 point; Section Headings – 36 point; Body Text – 24 point
  • Color
    • Attract attention but too many colors may distract.
    • Choose 2 to 3 colors that complement each other. More than 3 may be considered unprofessional.
    • Avoid florescent, rainbows, tie-dye, dots, stripes, etc.
    • Contrast is good. Avoid dark on dark or light on light. Light text on dark background or dark text on light background is recommended.
  • Pictures, Figures, Tables
    • Use graphics to help illustrate your chapter’s event.
    • If photos are included, add thin black borders to make them more appealing.

For more information, please contact Headquarters at