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Candidate Information Sheet

Candidates for 2018-2020 Election

Elections for Grand Council officers are held in even numbered years, and officers are installed at that year's annual meeting. They serve for two-year terms and transact the business of the Fraternity between annual meetings. Dues-paid alumni are eligible to run for a position.

Please note: The ballots for the 2018-2020 election were sent out on February 1st, and are due by March 1st. If your ballot is being returned through the mail, it should be postmarked no later then March 1st. 

Any questions? Please contact LKS Headquarters at (262)-682-4362

Grand President Candidate:

Christine Grass

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Zeta

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Zeta Alumni

Educational Background: St. Louis College of Pharmacy, BS, 1983

Current Employment: Clinical Pharmacist, SSM Health DePaul Hospital, Bridgeton, MO

Professional Membership: ASHP, St. Louis College of Pharmacy Alumni Association

Awards: Distinguished Service Citation, Employee of the Month - SSM Health DePaul Hospital, Preceptor of the Year - St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Fraternity Service: Grand Vice President for Alumni (1994-98, 2010-14, 2016-present); Region Supervisor (1990-94); Committee service includes Project HOPE (Chair), Alumni Affairs (Chair), Membership (Chair), Expansion, and Convention; Alpha Zeta Alumni Secretary, Treasurer and President; Alpha Zeta Collegiate Historian and President

Interests and Community Activities: Pastor and pianist for the Community Church of Christ; avid crocheter; traveling especially by car; husband, Andre and two adult children, Ryan and Ashley; and two dogs, Raven and Penny

Grand Council Goals: My goals for Grand President are few. I would choose to be a leader that sisters can believe in and have confidence in. I would choose to be a poised and polished leader, and to represent the Fraternity with dignity and pride, always keeping a sense of decorum.

I would choose to be a leader that recognizes the abilities and talents of those whom I serve. I would choose to be a guide and leader, rather than a micro-manager.

I would strive to keep LKS at the forefront of professional pharmacy fraternities. A long standing goal of mine has been to have a summit with leaders of other fraternities, to discuss the goals and future of pharmacy professionals.

I would also like to lay the groundwork for a standard convention programming schedule, recognizing that collegiate attendance is the most dynamic, with these



Grand VP Alumni Candidates:

Elicia Fauvel DeParolesa

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Alumni

Educational Background: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, PharmD, BS Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management, 2006

Current Employment: Patient Care Services Manager of Clinical Programs for New England, Osco Pharmacy, Albertsons Inc.; MCPHS Boston Adjunct Facility Professor of Advance Pharmacy Practice Lab

Professional Membership:  APhA, MPhA

Awards: Distinguished Young Pharmacist; Advisor Award; Ruth Davies Flaherty Service Award; CMP Award; Lamb of the Year; Sister of the Month; Alpha Sister Service Award; Presidents Award; Massachusetts Distinguished Young Pharmacist; CVS Health Paragon Award

Fraternity Service:  Trust Secretary (2013-present); GVPC (2008-12); Region Supervisor (2006-08); Nominating Committee (2014-17); Prior committees include Archives (Chair), Membership (Chair), and Advisor; Fraternity Advisor; Alpha Alumni President; Alpha Collegiate Historian, VP Membership Coordinator, and President

Interests and Community Activities: Also a health and wellness consultant for Arbonne; Hobbies include piano, travel, self-proclaimed foodie, and amateur chef; Husband Chris and new baby Cameron

Grand Council Goals: Having served on Grand Council for 6 years and as a current member of the TLC, I understand the expectations, leadership, operations and programs. I will be an active member of GC and participate in all decision making, meeting the goals from the SOP, and holding ourselves accountable as we serve the membership. 

My goals as GVPA is to close the gap between collegiate to alumni transition by working closely with both the GVPC and GVPD. I would like to see more emphasis on the importance of graduating sisters, their roles and responsibilities to their chapter during their final year, and how that can be fostered into an alumni relationship. I would also like to create a way to recognize new alumni in their first 5 years post-graduation on level of involvement within the Fraternity. Our alumni is a diverse group of highly talented individuals who strive for excellence, impact patients and are leaders in the profession and we need to capitalize on their expertise to elevate women in pharmacy. 

Times are changing and our Fraternity needs to adapt with changes in communication needs for all our members. I would like to work closely with the communications committee and HQ to ensure that Social Media is utilized to its advantage and also work with the publications committee to ensure that those who prefer the written word still receive that.  I plan on utilizing platforms such as Skype for business and Zoom to hold meetings for all alumni to share their success stories and ask questions of our Leadership- once a year at convention does not need to be the only time our members voices are heard. I have had success with these platforms and it allows forward movement for the organization. What is great about these is that you can use a computer, smart phone to join virtually or you can call in- a win win for all preferences. 

I have put together an action plan to drive alumni engagement and participation. I will work hard on helping increase retention, providing resources to gain new members and work on creating relationships with graduating sisters. 

I know that we can have an amazing Biennium and I look forward to serve the Fraternity and its members. 



LuShawna Lawson

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Nu

Alumni Chapter: Phi Alumni

Educational Background: University of Kentucky, PharmD, MPA, 2001

Current Employment: Staff Pharmacist, Meijer Pharmacy; Part-time course instructor IUPUI Pharmacy Technician Training Course

Professional Membership: ACCP

Awards: Leadership United – Generation Now Series;5th,  6th, and 7th Edition of Who’s Who in Black Indianapolis; 29th Annual Minority Business and Professional Achievers Recognition Award recipient “Up and Coming” Award; McDonald’s Black History Maker of Today and Tomorrow (Public Health); Finalist in 5th Annual Indy’s Best and Brightest Awards (Health & Life Sciences); Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives and Professionals

Fraternity Service: Grand Vice President for Development (2008-10); Alumni Supervisor (2004-08); Region Supervisor (2002-04); Budget & Finance and Communications Committee; prior committees include Bylaws and Professional Projects (Chair) Committees; Fraternity Advisor; Alpha Nu Collegiate President

Interests and Community Activities: Active member of the Oasis of Hope Baptist Church; Co-Treasurer of Oasis of Hope Baptist Church Nurse Ministry; Hobbies includerunning half-marathons and shorter runs, spending time with husband Shelton and son Shelton II, traveling, photography, and scrapbooking

Grand Council Goals: If elected as GVPA, I would like to develop avenues to build on the Collegiate to Alumni transition to help capture the collegiate member prior to going on clinical rotations/residency/graduation.   This can be done through the development of programs for Convention that involve both Collegiate and Alumni members to foster integration.  I’d also like to highlight Alumni chapters that have had success in recruiting and maintaining active membership. It will also be important to capture the needs/desires of the Alumni members to keep them engaged and involved with the Fraternity through regular communication.  I would like to expand the depth of information that Collegiate and Alumni members can access as members.   This would include continuing the Alumni Spotlights and institute an Alumni/Collegiate Mentorship Program. An important part of the role is also identifying  and fostering the reactivation of Alumni Chapters and initiating new Alumni Chapters as it helps to grow our base.   We also need to to initiate Alumni involvement as it relates to a process of developing a succession plan for the sustainability of the Fraternity as it relates to the Grand Council.



Grand VP Collegiates Candidate:

Amanda Higgins

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Beta

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Alumni

Educational Background:  Massachussetts College of Pharmacy, PharmD, 2013

Current Employment: Walgreens Pharmacy

Professional Memberships: APhA, Connecticut Pharmacists Association

Awards: Gold Award Recipient, Alpha Sister Service Award

Fraternity Service: Grand Vice President for Collegiates (2016-present); Region Supervisor (2014-16); Project HOPE Committee (Chair); Alpha Vice President and Professional Chair

Interests and Community Activities: Board of Christian Education and Confirmation Mentor for Deep River Congregational Church; doTERRA Wellness Advocate; Natural Pharmacist Owner

Grand Council Goals:  My goal as GVPC is to continue to support chapters and Collegiates in developing to be the best they can be. We made a lot of progress this past Biennium by updating the chapter portal, creating new streamlined forms for the Region Supervisors and developing a Recruitment and Orientation Manual. I hope to further update our existing materials, such as the Member Manual, while providing new materials that chapters are seeking. I also would like to continue to focus on our core values, specifically bringing more sisterhood among different chapters. Working with the collegiates and Region Supervisors has been an honor and I look forward to another opportunity to serve the Fraternity!



Grand VP for Development Candidate:

Nicole Lombardo

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Zeta

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Zeta Alumni

Educational Background: St. Louis College of Pharmacy, PharmD, 2012

Current Employment: Staff Pharmacist and Diabetes Programs Coordinator at Dierbergs Pharmacy; Adjunct lab instructor at St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Professional Memberships: APhA, Missouri Pharmacist Association, Illinois Pharmacist Association

Fraternity Service: Grand Vice President for Development (2016-present); Region Supervisor (2013-16); Memorials and Resolutions and Membership Committees; Prior service on Professional Projects Committee; Alpha Zeta Alumni President and Vice President; Alpha Zeta Alumni Recording Secretary and Website Director

Interests and Community Activities: Board of Directors, Secretary, and Development Committee Chair of Health Protection and Education Services

Grand Council Goals: I have made a lot of connections in the first half of my term and have started colonies around the nation and would like to continue to work with the colonies to get them chartered. I also want to work more with the GVPC to help create impactful programs for the membership.



Grand Treasurer Candidate:

Melissa O'Brien

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Pi

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Pi Alumni

Educational Background: St. John’s University, PharmD, 2010

Current Employment: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Molloy College

Professional Memberships: Long Island Society of Health-System Pharmacists; ASHP

Awards: Finalist – ASHP Foundation Award for Excellence in Medication-Use Safety; Distinguished Alumni Award – St. John’s University; 10 under 10: Young Alumni Make their Mark – St. John’s University

Fraternity Service: Grand Treasurer (2016-present); Region Supervisor (2014-16); Budget and Finance Committee; prior service on the Bylaws Committee; Alpha Pi Alumni President; Alpha Pi Collegiate Chapter Sisterhood Development Chair and Fundraising Chair

Interests and Community Activities: Active church-goer; golfer; wife and mother of two wonderful children

Grand Council Goals:  It has been a pleasure to serve as your Grand Treasurer this past biennium. I have been able to learn and become proficient at the essential functions of my role during my current term. I have also developed specific interest in exploring ways to strengthen the Fraternity's financial operations; more specifically, address retention of alumni members, minimize expenses and explore new means for revenue.



Grand Secretary Candidates:

Stephanie Mrozek

Chapter of Initiation: Tau

Alumni Chapter: Tau Alumni

Educational Background: Duquesne University, PharmD, 2011

Current Employment: Hometown Pharmacy Solutions

Professional Memberships: NCPA, Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association, Ohio Pharmacist Association

Awards: Educational Grant Recipient

Fraternity Service: Region Supervisor (2012-14, 2016-present); Budget and Finance and Preservation and History Committee; Prior service on the Nominating Committee; Tau Collegiate New Member Coordinator and President

Interests and Community Activities: Member of the Monongahela Regional Chamber of Commerce, NextGen Family Pharmacy Successor Group

Grand Council Goals: As Grand Secretary, I would distribute accurate and detailed meeting minutes in a timely fashion. I would also communicate Fraternity news and events with members in a professional and unbiased manner and increase transparency between Grand Council and all sisters.




Madeline Shurtleff

Chapter of Initiation: Xi

Alumni Chapter: Alumni-at-Large

Educational Background: University of Rhode Island, PharmD, Business Minor, 2014

Current Employment: Aetna

Professional Memberships: Arizona Pharmacist Association

Awards: LKS Sister of the Year

Fraternity Service: Region Supervisor (2016-present); Professional Projects Committee (chair); Xi Alumni President; Xi Collegiate President  and Treasurer; Xi Alumni Committee Chair

Interests and Community Activities:  Running; activities at my gym; hiking; book club

Grand Council Goals:  As Grand Secretary, I would like to increase the communication between Grand Council and Collegiate and Alumni members.