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Congratulations Educational Grant Recipients

The Lambda Kappa Sigma Educational Trust and the Educational Grants Committee are pleased to announce the recipients of the Fall 2009 LKS Educational Grants program. These young ladies represent some of the best and the brightest that LKS has to offer. If you did not receive a grant this year, we strongly encourage you to consider applying in the fall of 2010. Applications are submitted no later than November 1st of each year.


Adele Lowe Leadership Grant

Vasudha Gupta,

Xi Chapter



Norma Wells Loyalty


Amanda Memken,

Phi Chapter



Mary Connolly Livingston Grant

Tzu-Yie Koo,

Alpha Lambda Chapter 





 Cora E Craven Grant

Gift Nweke,

Alpha Sigma Chapter 




 Cora E Craven Grant

Stephanie Mrozek,

Tau Chapter 




 Cora E Craven Grant

Danielle Calzaretta,

Alpha Chapter


  B. Olive Cole Graduate Educational Grant

Dixie Leikach,

Epsilon Alumni Chapter