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2019 LKS Annual Convention!

Get EXCITED! Milwaukee is a wonderful city that has so much to offer Lambda Kappa Sigma!

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Why Join Lambda Kappa Sigma?

An LKS Sister Leads with Integrity

We are true to our values, encourage unique viewpoints and empower one another to advance the pharmacy profession.

An LKS Sister Inspires Excellence

We instill passion, confidence, intellectual development and bring others along with us to realize our professional and personal potential.

An LKS Sister Impacts the Community

We demonstrate compassion, advocate for women's health issues and seek to better our world.

These are our calls to action in the pursuit of elevating women in pharmacy. It's our brand promise...something we believe in, aspire to and live out each and every day.

We are making a true difference. And YOU can, too!

With more than 24,000 initiated members at 31 active collegiate and 16 active alumni chapters nationally and internationally, LKS offers unlimited resources for you to build professional and personal relationships with women in the pharmaceutical field.

Membership Benefits

YOU can become a member of the nation's oldest (and best!)
professional fraternity focusing on women in pharmacy!