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Standing Committees

Committees are critical to LKS and serve a variety of functions to help keep the Fraternity running smoothly throughout the biennium. Each committee has a list of charges designed to help Lambda Kappa Sigma continue to grow and to develop leaders within the profession of pharmacy.

The Grand President assigns members to the Fraternity's various Standing Committees. If you would like to sign up for a committee, submit a form here. If you have any questions about how to get involved, contact

ADVISOR. Provides guidelines and support for collegiate chapter advisors. Chair: Kim Hancock

AWARD NOMINATION & SELECTION. Accepts nominations for Fraternity awards, selects awardees and arranges for preparation and presentation of the award. Nominates Fraternity members for awards from other organizations. Chair: Justine Dickson

BUDGET & FINANCE. Prepares biennial budget and submits it to the Grand Council. Advises on budget, financial and investment matters and policies. Chair: Melissa O'Brien

BYLAWS. Reviews chapter bylaws for conformity to Fraternity bylaws, requests proposals for biennial bylaws changes, prepares them in correct format and ensures distribution to chapters and members. Assists with presentation of proposals to the convention body. Chair: Nancy Horst

COMMUNICATIONS. Advises on the content for each Blue & Gold Triangle, assists editor on feature articles, assists with proofreading, reviews and advises on content or formal revisions of all LKS publications. Editorial Board Chair: Jennifer Rhodes; Communications Board Chair: Christine Perry

EDUCATIONAL GRANTS. Reviews applications and selects annual awardees for the Cole, Craven, Livingston, Wells and Lowe Grants. Notifies successful and unsuccessful applicants, HQ, GC and TLC chair of the names of the recipients. Ensures that the award checks are distributed per procedure. Chair: Patti Lozano

MEMBERSHIP. Creates programming to increase the number of dues paying members. Chair: Nicole Helsinger 

MEMORIALS & RESOLUTIONS. Gathers information for Memorial ceremony recognition, monitors professional media for potential professional resolutions, prepares memorial, professional and courtesy resolutions at convention. Chair: Nicole Landis

POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL REVIEW. Reviews and makes recommendations for updating, deleting or adding to the Grand Council Policy and Procedure Manual. Chair: Dixie Leikach

HISTORY & PRESERVATION. Prepares a written history of significant Fraternity events each biennium. Advises on chapter Historian manual. Chair: Christine Perry

PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS. Gathers information and advises on potential professional projects for chapters, advises on dissemination of project ideas, reviews current projects and publicizes in Fraternity publications. Chair: Madeline Shurtleff

PROJECT HOPE. Maintains liaison with Project HOPE, gathers information about HOPE and disseminates to Grand Council, chapters and members. Encourages contributions and sends articles to HOPE about LKS participation in their newsletter. Assists with HOPE reports and presentations at LKS meetings. Chair: Amanda Higgins

WOMEN’S HEALTH ISSUES. Gathers information on issues and new topics which can be publicized in Fraternity publications, programs which chapters can present, identifies a biennial issue for Fraternity focus, maintains liaison with women’s health issues organizations. Advises on companies who have products to treat women’s conditions and who may sponsor a Fraternity presentation, disseminates information to members which is useful regarding their personal health or when counseling patients. Chair: Marissa Salvo