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Paying Alumni Dues

Deadline for Paying Alumni Dues: November 1

As we outlined in emails last spring, we have transitioned the payment of alumni dues to fall in order to coincide with student renewals. In spring, you were asked to pay a pro-rated amount to cover your membership for seven months (from April 1, 2016, to November 1, 2016).

So now is the time to pay your full dues and to renew your membership from November 1, 2016, to November 1, 2017.

Thanks to your loyalty and support, Lambda Kappa Sigma continues to thrive as the first (and best!) professional fraternity supporting women in pharmacy. With more than 25,000 initiated "Lambs", our beloved Fraternity remains dedicated to providing lifelong opportunities to all members through professional excellence and personal growth. Your continued support allows us to provide amazing opportunities not only to you but to the women following in your professional footsteps!

How Much Are Dues?

$140 ($115 dues + $25 mandatory insurance)

Graduate Students (in a program other than pharmacy)/Over 65:
$100 ($75 dues + $25 mandatory insurance)

2016 Graduates/50-Year Members:

What Are the Annual Membership Dates?

Your dues cover one complete year of active membership (November 1, 2016, to November 1, 2017).

How Do I Pay Dues?

You can quickly and easily renew your membership online with a credit or debit card through the LKS Member Portal.

  1. Go to the LKS Member Portal.
  2. Log in with your email address. Follow the instructions for logging in.
  3. To view and and update your contact information, under "My Profile", click "Edit My Information". Save Changes .
  4. To renew your dues, under "My Membership", click "Join/Renew Lambda Kappa Sigma Fraternity".
  5. Select the appropriate membership fee. Continue.
  6. Confirm your chapter affiliation.
  7. Under "Please consider adding a voluntary contribution below", enter your Campaign for Progress, Educational Trust and Project HOPE contributions. Continue.
  8. Select "Pay with Your Credit/Debit Card". Enter the information required. Continue.
  9. Review and place order. You will receive a receipt and confirmation email that your membership has been renewed and that the payment has processed successfully.

If you need to pay by check, you can send a check for the appropriate amount made payable to Lambda Kappa Sigma (and, if desired, separate donation checks made payable to Campaign for Progress, Project HOPE and the LKS Educational Trust) to:

Lambda Kappa Sigma
P. O. Box 570
Muskego WI 53150

If you have any difficulties, please contact HQ at or 800-LKS-1913.

What About Alumni Chapter Members?

Alumni chapter members may use the online Member Portal to renew your membership, and your alumni chapter will be notified. Please be sure to select your alumni chapter from the drop-down menu. If you paid national dues to your alumni chapter already, your membership will be updated after we receive payment from your chapter.