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Student Spotlight: Meet Kay Yamamoto!

LKS spotlights student and alumni members that are making a difference in their chapters, in their communities, and in the field of pharmacy.
Tell us about yourself: 
Hello! My name is Kay Yamamoto, and I am a P4 at Northeastern University, Bouvé College of Health Sciences in Boston, MA. This will be my fourth year in Lambda Kappa Sigma with the Alpha Rho chapter! My experiences with LKS have been nothing but positive. During the previous academic year, I was the Lamb Chair for our chapter, of which I thoroughly enjoyed having the responsibilities of fostering sisterhood and increasing chapter participation.
Currently, I work at Cambridge Health Alliance’s inpatient pharmacy, and I absolutely love everything about my job there! Aside from pharmacy, a huge passion of mine is art history. I have been to over a hundred museums around the world, and currently also work at the MIT List Visual Arts Center. Some of my hobbies include watercolor, photography, collage, and drawing. I find that my love of art has allowed me to be a more compassionate healthcare provider, allowing me to really invest, connect, and understand my patients as human beings that need kindness and respect.
A new, LKS-related endeavor that I am really excited about is with my sisters, Celeste LaHaie and Hannah Pamer, and our supervisor Dr. Stephanie Sibicky. We are doing a research survey on pharmacists and pharmacy students’ knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs on HPV vaccinations. We hope to assess a large population of pharmacy professionals to better understand and improve upon our role in HPV vaccinations. Please be on the lookout for that as we would love any input from LKS!
I joined LKS because:
I believe there is something very empowering about the banding together of women in healthcare. We can be the caregivers and the voices that can advocate for underrepresented patients and peers. As students we do this through fundraising, education, and awareness events, which I feel will develop us into pharmacists that will be ready to practice with compassion and kindness. Furthermore, I feel like even as students, having this network of supportive individuals, we propel each other forward with positive encouragement, help with studying, and on-campus camaraderie, which is so important when getting through pharmacy school. I joined LKS because of this support and network within Northeastern, and it is a great comfort to know that the lamb love extends even beyond that.
My most memorable LKS experience:
I have a lot of great memories being Lamb Chair in my chapter last year. I spent a lot of time baking for every chapter meeting (worth it!), and I got to add some new ideas – like a hot chocolate bar for our holiday meeting and sister Valentine’s Day cards for our February meeting. I wanted to make meetings fun and welcoming for sisters.
I think what has brought me the most joy in LKS are the people that I met through the organization. My three best friends in pharmacy – Lisa Zhou, Jin Park, and Mimi Zhang – are sisters that I may not be as close to today if it weren’t for LKS. These friendships have meant the world to me. Each year, I get to see a whole new class of sisters enter into our chapter, and it is wonderful to watch new friendships similarly sprout between the younger girls.
Career plans:
Considering my love of hospital work, I am planning on pursuing a residency with the hopes of entering health systems administration and/or training in a clinical specialty (I have yet to decide between oncology or internal medicine). I would like to stay in the Boston-area and continue to serve this community through my commitment to improve healthcare systems and clinical outcomes.
Erin RogalaStudent Spotlight: Meet Kay Yamamoto!