2020-2022 Grand Council Candidates

Overview of the Nomination Process

The Lambda Kappa Sigma Nominations and Elections Committee is pleased to announce the following slate of Grand Council Officers for 2020-2022. This slate is the product of weeks of diligent work by members of the Committee. The following is a brief outline of the process that resulted in the 2020-2022 Grand Council Slate:

-Following the acceptance of credentials, each candidate’s application was distributed to committee members and individually reviewed .
-The Committee reviewed candidates and set up a conference call.
-Candidates were notified of their status. Phone interviews were conducted.
-Committee members deliberated and selected candidates to be slated during a conference call.
-Candidates were notified of their status.
-Slate was announced to the membership.

*Please note that in order to be eligible to vote, membership must be renewed by January 31, 2020. If you have any questions about the nomination and election process or the ballot and voting process please contact the LKS HQ.

Candidate for Grand President

Candidate for Grand President: Christine Grass

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Zeta

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Zeta Alumni

Educational Background: BS, Pharmacy, St Louis College of Pharmacy, May 1983

Current Employment: SSM Health DePaul Hospital, Bridgeton, MO 63044

Fraternity Experience: Region Supervisor (1990-1994), Grand Vice President for Alumni (1994-1998, 2010-2014, 2016-2018), Grand President (2018-2020)




Professional Memberships:

-Lambda Kappa Sigma, member since 1979, held offices at collegiate, alumni and international levels

-American Society of Health System Pharmacists, member since 1991

-St Louis College of Pharmacy Alumni Association, currently serving on the Board of Directors

-past member of the Gateway College of Clinical Pharmacists (organization has ceased operations)

Interests and Community Activities: – I currently serve as the pastor for my church congregation (this is my 5th year of service)

– in the past, I served as president for the booster club for my son’s gifted program

– I have directed several church retreats

– I have served as head cook for church camps and retreats since 1996

– served as a Trustee for the Homeowner’s Association for my former subdivision

– love to travel

– married to Andre since 1983, two adult children, two dogs

Grand Council Goals: I would like to continue the work that I have begun in the pursuit of standardization of processes and procedures. I feel that when our operations are standardized, we can truly move on with the work of member development.

I would also like to continue the work that I have begun in developing a leadership council for all Greek Pharmacy fraternities. We have already held two meetings and begun a Facebook group. We have much in common, and it is important for us to establish unity, professional standards and relevance.

I’m also hopeful to establish long term planning for LKS, especially in the area of meeting planning. Establishing a standard schedule for conventions, including locations and programming, is key to success.

I want to continue to represent LKS as a professional and forward thinking leader.

Email: christinegrass@yahoo.com

Candidates for Grand Vice President of Alumni

Candidate #1: Christina Inteso

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Phi

Alumni Chapter: Phi Alumni

Educational Background: PharmD from Wilkes University (Wilkes Barre, PA)- 8/2008-5/2014

Current Employment: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist- Ambulatory Care at Community Health Network

Fraternity Experience: Northeastern Region Supervisor (2014-2018)

Professional Memberships: Sweet Success Extension Program- advisory council member since Aug 2017

LKS- member since Nov 2010

Interests and Community Activities: Medicare part D help sessions during open enrollment. Hobbies include cooking, traveling, working out, spending time with friends and family, knitting club

Grand Council Goals: My biggest goal as GVPA is to maintain and increase alumni membership and engagement. Over the past few years, there has been a decrease in both of those items and I feel that should be a big concern for the fraternity. We have great collegiate involvement that tends to fade around their last professional year and while they are transitioning into new practitioners. One of my goals is to focus on this group and figure out why we are losing their membership and what benefits they are looking for. Once I have that information, I would move forward with a plan to build what they are looking for, within reason. I’d like to accomplish this starting with a survey of the graduating students and alumni. I feel that I could also work closely with the membership committee and increase their involvement in the fraternity.

I would like to see a mentoring program be successfully started as well that would ideally have two “programs”. One program with alumni paired with collegiates and another with alumni who have graduated less than 10 years ago paired with alumni who graduated more than 10 years ago. As someone who graduated 5 years ago, I feel I’m in a good place to provide mentorship to collegiates, but am also still looking for mentorship myself on how to continue to move my career forward and accomplish long-term goals. Other organizations have mentoring programs amongst students and practitioners, but I think that adding a program within alumni would be unique (to my knowledge) and could be a good niche to retain members in their earlier alumni years. I also think a mentor program would hopefully establish a better sense of sisterhood that everyone talks about having as a collegiate and having less of as alumni because we don’t get to see each other as often.

Another goal as GVPA would be to work on having more meaningful programing for alumni at convention. Of course it is great to see everyone and catch up, but I’d like to figure out how to get more alumni to convention and think more meaningful programing might help.

Email: christina.inteso@gmail.com

Candidate #2: LuShawna Lawson

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Nu

Alumni Chapter: Phi Alumni

Educational Background: May 2001 Doctor of Pharmacy

University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy, Lexington, Kentucky

May 2001 Master of Public Administration

University of Kentucky Martin School of Public Policy, Lexington, Kentucky


Current Employment: Meijer Pharmacy #256, Plainfield, IN

Fraternity Experience: Region Supervisor (2002-2004), Alumni Supervisor (2008-2010), Grand Vice President for Development (2008-2010), Grand Vice President for Alumni (2018-2020)

Professional Memberships: Lambda Kappa Sigma International Professional Pharmacy Fraternity

Grand Vice President for Alumni

Phi Alumni Member

Interests and Community Activities: Oasis of Hope Baptist Church Nursing Ministry

Assistant Treasurer

Parent Volunteer, Theodore Potter School #74

Course Instructor, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Pharmacy Technician Training Course

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Shelton, and son, Shelton II. We like to travel and spend time with family. I enjoy running half marathons and photography.

Grand Council Goals:

  • Developing avenues to bridge the Collegiate to Alumni transition
  • Alumni/Collegiate Mentorship program
  • Development of a Career Center Webpage
  • Reactivate or Initiate new Alumni Chapters
  • Initiate new Alumni Members
  • Expand the depth of information that Collegiate and Alumni members can access
  • Development of Alumni Career Forum
  • Development of “How to for practitioners”
  • Develop programs for Convention that involve both Collegiate and Alumni members to foster integration
  • Provide a new way of communicating Alumni News potentially through a blog.

Email: ludulin@aol.com

Candidate for Grand Vice President of Collegiates

Candidate for Grand Vice President of Collegiates: Justine Dickson

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Beta

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Beta Alumni

Educational Background: BS in Pharmacy Studies, UCONN School of Pharmacy, May 2009

Doctor of Pharmacy, UCONN School of Pharmacy, May 2011

Current Employment: Boston Medical Center

Fraternity Experience: Northern New England Region Supervisor (2014-2018)




Professional Memberships:

  • Lambda Kappa Sigma, Alpha Beta Alumni Chapter member, Northern New England Region Supervisor 2014-2018, Educational Grants Committee, Awards Nominations and Selection Committee (Chair 2014-2018), Communiations Committee, WHI Committee, Contributor to BGT publication (Lamb for Life feature)
  • New England Transplant Pharmacist Network member
  • American College of Clinical Pharmacy, AmbCare PRN and IMTR PRN members, Amb Care PRN newsletter and survival guide committee 2013-2014

Interests and Community Activities:

  • Drug Take Back Day at BMC
  • Dinner with a Pharmacist – Boston Area Health Education Center
  • Small business owner – Etsy store (trinkettrovedesign)

Grand Council Goals:

My goal as GVPC would be to serve as a supportive role for Region Supervisors, and in turn serve the students as they are the foundation of our organization. As a recent Region Supervisor and someone who works closely with residents and students as a preceptor in my job, I find helping them develop to be the most rewarding. I found a number of challenges while I was Region Supervisor that I believe could be improved as they seem to still be issues today.

Encouraging Region Supervisors to feel a part of Grand Council – This is something that I found imperative to my growth as an alumni member, but also very important to be a voice of the students to the Grand Council. Many Region Supervisors may feel that they don’t belong on GC conference calls, however they are the connection to the students. They are the reason why we are all here. They are the voice we need to here from when making decisions, and it’s imperative that they are there to hear what is going on and speak up when they have concerns.

Streamlining RS visits – I’d like to work with the Grand Treasurer to see if there are fiscally responsibly ways that we can complete RS visits in a timely fashion. This may require some restructuring or rethinking of regions, proximity of chapters to RS, length of visits, doubling up on visits, virtual visits, and reviewing what is being done during the visits. This will also require a potential redesign of the true purpose of visiting a chapter, aligning it more with helping to develop the chapter and less on filling out the very length document that is currently required.

Member Manual – It was due to be updated 3-4 years ago and has yet to be completed. I would look to complete this task and get it out to the students so they can utilize it before the information in it is out of date again.

Development of Region Supervisors – I believe being a RS is the beginning point to many future Grand Council careers. I would hope to work with an engaged group of RS that are as invested in the fraternity as I am and would work to incorporate them into planning convention, writing articles, etc as a way for them to continue to be involved in LKS at a high level.

Email: justine.e.dickson@gmail.com

Candidate for Grand Vice President of Development

Candidate for Grand Vice President of Development: Robyn Nading

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Zeta

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Zeta

Educational Background: Doctor of Pharmacy, St. Louis College of Pharmacy. August 2009 to May 2015

Current Employment: Clinical Pharmacist for OptumRx

Fraternity Experience: No Grand Council Office experience





Professional Memberships:

  • Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Fraternity – Alpha Zeta Alumni Chapter
    Member, May 2015 to present
    Vice President, August 2018 to present
  • Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Fraternity – Alpha Zeta Chapter
    Member, September 2010 to May 2015
    Greek Council Delegate, January 2013 to May 2014
    Social Media Liaison Officer, November 2012 to December 2013
    Chaplain Officer, November 2011 to December 2012
  • Louis College of Pharmacy Alumni Association
    Chicago Chapter Liaison, August 2019 to present
  • Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International
    Member, May 2017 to present

Interests and Community Activities: Over the years I’ve volunteered at Feed My Starving Children, a Christian non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food to people in developing nations. My husband and I also attend a small group with our church on a biweekly basis. We also enjoy hiking and learning more about survivalism (though we’re only dipping our toes!). I enjoy going out to restaurants and spending time with my friends and family. I’ve developed a small hobby of collecting makeup, learning new makeup techniques, and watching YouTube videos related to makeup and the beauty community.

Grand Council Goals: Development is essential for any organization, and the growth of our fraternity in the form of chartering new (and old) chapters is important for us to continue to support more women in pharmacy. I chose to go to St. Louis for college, but my home is in Chicago. I brought up a notion at the 2017 Atlanta Convention’s alumni meeting that it would be wonderful for a chapter of LKS opened in the Chicago area. Chicago is the third largest city in the US … how are we not represented here?! There are FIVE pharmacy schools and ZERO active LKS chapters. It breaks my heart that Gamma Chapter from UIC is inactive, and that the city that I love is filled with KY and PDX pride. As Grand Vice President for Development, my personal goal would be to bring LKS back to Chicago (and other cities, of course).

As a young alumni member I also see opportunities in developing new grad relationships within the fraternity. As GVPD I would like to see LKS create new tools and programs to foster easier transitions from collegiate to alumni member. We need to identify and provide members with the benefits of continuing membership.

In addition to chapter and member development, I hope to represent LKS in the corporate world too. I work for OptumRx, the pharmacy benefit manager for UnitedHealth Group, currently a Fortune 6 company. In my immediate circles I only have one coworker who is an inactive LKS alumna (Julia Marryshow from Alpha Nu, University of Kentucky), but it is known among my peers that I have LKS pride. In addition to applying for this position, I have also applied for an opportunity to learn more about leadership through my company’s Emerging Leadership Program. Through that program I hope to learn new management skills and make new professional connections, and I would love to represent LKS and Grand Council there as well.

Thank you for the opportunity to run for this position. I absolutely love LKS, and I would be honored to serve the fraternity as Grand Vice President for Development.

Email: robyn.nading@gmail.com

Candidate for Treasurer


Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Pi

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Pi Alumni

Educational Background: Doctor of Pharmacy , St. John’s University, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Queens, New York, 2004 – 2010

Current Employment: Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Fraternity Experience: Mid-Atlantic Region Supervisor (2014-2016), Grand Treasurer (2016-2020)




Professional Memberships:

-American College of Clinical Pharmacy, 2019- Present

-American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, 2009 – Present

-Lambda Kappa Sigma, International Professional Pharmacy Fraternity, 2005 – Present

Grand Treasurer, 2016 – Present

President, Alpha Pi Alumni Chapter, 2016 – 2018

Region Supervisor, Mid-Atlantic Region, 2014 – 2016

Interests and Community Activities: Mother of two wild toddlers; active church goer; sports enthusiast.

Grand Council Goals: My goals as Grand Treasurer include: continued financial stewardship of the Fraternity; completion of a financial audit of financial accounts; more involvement with planned paper communication to members; engaging the budget & finance committee to explore unique means of fundraising, assess meaningfulness of expenditures to members (i.e. attendance and giveaways at national conferences), and explore sponsorship opportunities.

Email: melissa.favale04@gmail.com

Candidates for Grand Secretary

Candidate #1: Sara Brown

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Iota

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Iota Alumni

Educational Background: Doctor of Pharmacy – Ferris State University; August 2014-May 2018

Bachelor of Science in Biology/Pre-Pharmacy – Ferris State University; August 2011-December 2014

Associate in Science – Ferris State University; August 2011-May 2013

Current Employment: Spectrum Health Meijer Outpatient Pharmacy

Fraternity Experience: Region Supervisor Alternate (2018-2020)

Professional Memberships:

Wayne County Pharmacists Association – House of Delegates Representative, Executive Board Member; November 2018 – Present

Michigan Pharmacists Association Member; September 2014 – Present

American Pharmacists Association Member; October 2017 – Present

Michigan Pharmacists Association Political Action Council Member; April 2016 – Present

Interests and Community Activities: I’m currently a mentor to a first grade girl at a local elementary school. For the 2018-2019 season, I coached the Novi High School Junior Varsity Pompon team. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, doing yoga, expanding my palate by trying different dishes and beverages, and spending time with my husband and fur babies, Erik, Ebony and Duke, respectively.

Grand Council Goals: Communication has been a major focus this past biennium. I’m proud to continue my involvement with the fraternity on that committee in hopes to further engage our members and share important things going on in our field, but also with chapters. Serving as secretary, my goals would be to continue to take detailed minutes of meetings and relay the information to fraternity members. Additionally, I want to make sure members know what is going on throughout the year and are able to view minutes of the Grand Council meetings, but also feel comfortable reaching out to me. I want to remain approachable to all members, so I can provide transparency on anything that may not be clear as written in the minutes. As long as I live, I intend to always attend convention which is a key duty of this position. I will further refine my knowledge on Robert’s Rules of Order to ensure I am compliant with handling motions and other things from the convention body during business meetings.

Email: sarakolc@gmail.com

Candidate #2: Stephanie Mrozek

Chapter of Initiation: Tau

Alumni Chapter: Tau Alumni

Educational Background: PharmD, Duquesne University, 2011

Current Employment: Hometown Pharmacy Solutions

Fraternity Experience: Region Supervisor (2012-2014), Alternate Region Supervisor (2016-2018), Grand Secretary (2018-2020)


Professional Memberships:

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Member and Conference Attendee, 2011-present

Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) Member, Achieving Independence Work Group and Conference Attendee 2011-Present

Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) Member and Conference Attendee 2011-Present

Duquesne University School of Pharmacy Alumni Association, Member and Conference Attendee, 2011-Present

Interests and Community Activities: Traveling, spending time with my family and friends, watching college and professional sports: hockey, football, basketball

Grand Council Goals: I have the following goals for the office of Grand Secretary:

  1. Record and distribute accurate meeting minutes in a timely fashion.
  2. Create and maintain a working document of “action items” to hold all of Grand Council responsible for completing necessary tasks
  3. Communicate the opinions/suggestions/requests of the general membership (from note taking at Convention) to Grand Council and ensure a response.
  4. Increase transparency between Grand Council and all members.
  5. Represent the Fraternity at Professional Meetings.
  6. Assist the Grand President during Business Sessions at Convention.
  7. Assist any Grand Council, Committee, or general member in any task needing assistance.

Email: samrozek@me.com

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