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Student Spotlight: Meet Natalie Chambers!

Tell us about yourself: (school, chapter, work, hobbies, LKS activities, meetings attended, career plans)

My name is Natalie Chambers and I am the Vice President of Membership of the Alpha Alpha Chapter (Temple University). I am also the President of NJPhA. I attended my first LKS Convention last year in Buffalo, NY, where I served as our chapter’s Delegate. This past summer, I attended Convention in Milwaukee, WI.

Which of our core values (sisterhood, leadership, service, scholarship and integrity) do you feel you most strongly represent and how?

The core value of “Integrity” means the most to be because I am passionate about being loyal to LKS and to my sisters. We hold many events throughout the year, and I make it a priority to attend as many as I possibly can.

What pharmacy or LKS related events are you looking forward to in this upcoming year?

Being in charge of New Member Recruitment and Orientation, I am mostly looking forward to our Initiation Night. Alpha Alpha has been blessed with 14 potential new members this year and I can’t wait to see them all become official sisters.

What is your favorite chapter/school tradition?

My favorite event is our Sister Potluck, which is one of our recruitment events. Each sister brings a dish to one of our sister’s homes and we eat dinner together and get to know the new prospective members.

Who do you see as your role model in LKS and why? 

My role model in LKS is one of our Alumni Sisters, Carly Harsha. Carly was the president of APhA at Temple when she was a third-year pharmacy student. She graduated in May and got a job with APhA as Senior Manager of Student & New Practitioner Development. The day after taking her NAPLEX, Carly wrote an article for APhA’s Student Pharmacist Magazine called Create a plan that evolves with you where she talks about the importance of leadership and professionalism. Carly will always be an inspiration to sisters of LKS.

What makes you excited to be a ‘lamb for life?’ 

I am excited to be a lamb for life because I want to keep the connections I’ve made through LKS forever. This includes the sisters of Alpha Alpha Chapter and the women I’ve met from other chapters at the past two conventions. My goal is to start an Alumni Chapter in our area after I graduate in 2021.

Erin RogalaStudent Spotlight: Meet Natalie Chambers!