Recruitment & Orientation Activity Ideas

Your recruitment and orientation periods should be filled with a variety of activities from professional to social. These ideas can help get you started.

Please note! An Event Planning/Insurance Form must be completed and submitted if the event includes alcohol, involves traveling off campus and/or requires you to sign a contract that specifies the need for insurance.

Orientation Activity Ideas

Alumni Activities:

Active alumni are a great resource for PNMs and new members to learn about the benefits of becoming a Lamb for life.

Personal Testimonials:

Ask outstanding alumni to speak to recruits about the personal and professional importance of Lambda Kappa Sigma membership and the life-long benefits of membership.

Salute to Alums:

The chapter could host a reception for the alums to honor the alumni members and chapter advisors and to provide an opportunity for the new members to get to know the local alumni.

Tradition Night:

Show the recruits a part of your heritage, tradition and pride. Set up tables of chapter memorabilia, pictures, scrapbooks, trophies, etc. Invite alums and sing the Fraternity song…have the whole chapter wear letter shirts or insignia T-shirts.

Educational & Professional Activities:

Because Lambda Kappa Sigma is a professional Fraternity, it is important to promote the educational and professional benefits to potential new members. Ideas include:

Guest Speakers:

 Line up faculty members or practitioners to offer short presentations on topics such as women’s health issues, career opportunities for women in pharmacy, time management, stress management, leadership development, etc.

Scholarship Review:

Emphasize Fraternity scholarship by explaining the purpose of the Educational Trust, existence of educational graduate and undergraduate grants, chapter scholarships, Ethel J. Heath Keys, etc.

Slide Shows & Displays:

Create a slide show or display table depicting the major activities of the chapter and emphasizing the professional nature of the activities. Have one or two members give additional information and answer specific questions related to the projects. Show the Fraternity’s promotional video.

Study Buddy:

Provide recruits with study kits that include snacks, fruit, Tylenol, study supplies, etc. Deliver kits to the recruits’ rooms with a note that wishes them best of luck with tests and invite them to an LKS study break one evening.

Social Activities:

Fun is an important part of belonging to a fraternity! Social events are a great way to get prospective members involved and to begin building bonds with chapter members. Chapters with imagination can come up with a wide variety of events, but here are some alcohol-free ideas to get you started:

Athletic Event Outing:

Invite recruits for dinner, and then go as a group to a school athletic event. Have a section blocked off for the group if possible. Show your spirit by wearing Fraternity colors and T-shirts.

Board Game Party:

This is a fun, informal activity which gives you the opportunity to talk with them. Set up games like few Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Risk, backgammon, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, poker, Life, chess, spades, Cribbage, etc.

Canoe Expedition:

If there’s a river nearby, this can be an excellent day event. Pack bag lunches to take for the group.


This is a simple function to set up. It can be held at someone’s house or other location. Serve burgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, etc. This activity could be preceded by a sports activity or other event if you wish. Involve the recruits in grilling and serving the food.

Dessert Night:

Set up a dessert table with cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, etc. Serve coffee, tea and punch. Invite guests, perhaps other pharmacy students, to attend the party.

Hay Ride & Bonfire:

Set up a hay ride. Take recruits out to a field where a bonfire has been set up. It’s a perfect fall event that can be combined with a hot dog roast.

Little Sister/Brother & Big Sister/Brother Day: 

Celebrate growing friendships between new and active members with a lunch, gifts, etc.

Movie & Popcorn Night:

Rent a couple of movies, pull out the VCR and show the films after dinner one evening. Serve a variety of popcorn (regular, cheddar, caramel, Parmesan) and soft drinks.

Skating Party:

Contact a local roller skating or ice rink to check out group rates. Serve hot chocolate and doughnuts afterward.

Swimming Pool Party:

This can be held at a sister’s or alum’s home or at a school or community pool, or a lake. Food and beverages can be served.

Take a Hike:

If you’re near a state park or wooded area, you’re in luck. This sort of activity can be done at any time of the year and is great for small groups.

Team-Building Events:

Working together as a team will help promote sisterhood among members and will help officers identify future leaders.

Crazy Ball:

Sponsor a joint softball game with another organization. Prior to the game, establish the crazy rules…making the players run backwards, hit the ball with one hand, etc.

Goal-Setting Session:

Shortly after the Induction Ceremony, gather the new members together so that they can establish goals for the orientation period, including planning fundraisers.

Let Us Entertain You:

Have join together to perform skits and provide talent acts. Let the recruits be the judges. Serve hors d’oeuvres and soft drinks.

Snow or Sand Sculpting:

Have a contest to see which team can make the most creative sculpture.

Lambda Kappa SigmaRecruitment & Orientation Activity Ideas