Social Media Guidelines

Facebook and Twitter provide a great opportunity for members to connect with one another on a more instant, personal level. These sites are provided as a service of LKS and should be used in a manner representing our professional organization. Here a few guidelines to keep in mind when using these forms of social media:

  1. Be Transparent. Be clear of who you are by using your real name and by including a profile picture.
  2. Think about Privacy. The Internet has a long memory. So it’s important to protect yourself, your privacy and LKS’s confidential information. What you publish is widely accessible and will be around for a long time. Use common sense.
  3. Comments, not Criticism. Facebook and Twitter are great places for members to share ideas on fund-raising, member recruitment/retention, social activities, professional development and leadership opportunities. Insults, harassment or defamatory comments toward others or Lambda Kappa Sigma are not acceptable. No posts should go against the LKS principle of integrity, which underlies the Fraternity’s core values.
  4. No Spam or Advertising. We can’t avoid the ads that Facebook automatically lists on pages, but members should not post advertisements, chain letters or anything illegal or illicit.
  5. Stay on Topic. Posts should revolve around LKS and its chapters and members, as well as the profession of pharmacy.
  6. Email (Don’t Post) Your Suggestions. Grand Council always appreciates input from its members on ways to improve the organization! Unfortunately, we aren’t able to monitor Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. To ensure your suggestions and recommendations don’t slip through the cracks, we ask that you please email them to any member of Grand Council or to the LKS Headquarters. In your email, be sure to include your name, chapter, specific recommendation and the reason for the recommendation. The recipient will acknowledge your request, and the topic will be added to the agenda of a future GC meeting. Thank you!

Remember, YOU are the faces and voices behind LKS and its social media outlets. If you see comments which go against the guidelines presented above, please bring them to the attention of a member of Grand Council or Email LKS Headquarters.

Lambda Kappa SigmaSocial Media Guidelines