Educational Trust: Make a Donation

Learn Two Ways to Donate

Members, chapters and friends of LKS are encouraged to donate to the Trust to perpetuate the availability of funds for the future. Donations in the form of special tributes, recognition or memorials are also welcome. Matching gifts from employers can provide additional support. Those wishing to establish educational grants at the chapter and/or international level(s) are encouraged to work with the Trust Liaison Committee to ensure proper creation and management of such funds. The Committee may be contacted through the LKS Headquarters Office at

The Educational Trust is established as a 501(c)(3) public charity. As such, gifts to the Trust are deductible for United States Internal Revenue Service tax purposes to those who qualify for deductions. International donors should verify such deductions through their country’s tax system. All donations and funds are handled in U.S. currency.

A. Credit card donations can securely be made online in the Member Portal:

  1. Log into the Member Portal (or click “My Account” on (If you’ve never logged in before or if you can’t remember your password, click “Forgot Password”. If you have any problems, please email
  2. View and update your contact information by clicking “Edit My Information” under “My Profile”. Save Changes.
  3. Click “Make a Donation” under “Donations”.
  4. Under “Where would you like to donate”, select “Educational Trust Donation”.
  5. Confirm your billing address, indicate your donation amount and supply your credit card information.
  6. Click Donate and complete the process.

B. You can also mail a check (made payable to the LKS Educational Trust) and send it to:

Lambda Kappa Sigma
P.O. Box 570
Muskego WI 53150-0570

If funds are to be deposited with any specifically named fund group, please include a letter to that effect.

Erin RogalaEducational Trust: Make a Donation