Meet Ally Holland

Chapter: Alpha Kappa Chapter (Univ. of Georgia)

About Ally

I work for Kroger Pharmacy and enjoy playing volleyball, hanging out with my friends, and binge-watching TV shows! My LKS activities include Lamb Pal events (events where we get to know our new members), volunteering at the Food Bank, Casino Night (raising money for our philanthropies) and Thanksgiving dinner. I attended the 2016 LKS Annual Convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Why did you join LKS?

I wanted to be part of something with people who have the same goals and determination as I do. I also wanted to find a group of friends that I can go to for anything and to be able to share with them the experience of pharmacy school.

Most memorable LKS experience?

One of my favorite LKS experiences is our formal. This is a time when we all get to be together and forget about studying for a little bit and have fun!

What are your career plans?

I have a true passion to help people, which can be applied to any area of pharmacy! As of now, I see myself in the retail setting, which has direct contact with patients. However, I am open to new opportunities, which I will learn about on rotations next year.

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