Meet Carly Beck

Chapter: Delta Chapter (Univ. of Pittsburgh)

About Carly

My name is Caroline Beck, but I go by Carly. I’m in my final year (Class of 2018) at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. This past year, I served as president of the Delta Chapter. Throughout pharmacy school, I worked for University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) St. Margaret Family Health Centers, running and maintaining a free medication program for the underserved community. As far as hobbies, I enjoy cooking, spending time with friends and family, going to the movies and being outside. As the president of my LKS chapter, I had a hand in planning all our events, including recruitment and new member period, our formal, Teal Tap (a fundraiser for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition) and our third annual 5k HOPE waLKS. I attended 2016 Convention in Scranton (serving as Delta Chapter delegate), the midyear meeting for the Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association in January 2017 and APhA in March 2017.

Why did you join LKS?

Something our chapter always says during recruitment to the potential new members is that they’re encouraged to find their “family within pharmacy school” with whichever professional fraternity they find to be a fit. I joined LKS because I realized it would be my family within pharmacy school. I felt welcomed by the friendly sisters and was excited to join an organization that had the goal of advancing women in pharmacy. Only later did I realize I would make my closest lifelong friends in LKS, and I’ll always be thankful or that!

Most memorable LKS experience?

My most memorable LKS experience was the new member period. It was so fun getting to know all the girls in my new member class as well as the older sisters at our social events, learn about the history of LKS, and finally earn our status as full members together.

What are your career plans?

My career plans include pursuing a career in community pharmacy with the hopes of eventually getting into a specialty pharmacy role.

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