Meet Courtney (DesJardins) Genovesi

Chapter: Alpha Beta Alumni Chapter

About Courtney

I’m a proud member of Alpha Beta Alumni Chapter and a lamb for life! During my freshmen year at UConn in 2006, I joined the Alpha Beta Chapter, where I served on and chaired several committees and was vice president (during my P3 year). Now I continue to stay involved in LKS by presiding over my alumni chapter, advising Beta Beta Chapter in Springfield, Massachusetts, and actively participating in the Women’s Health Issues Committee.

I’m currently a PGY-2 pediatrics/informatics pharmacy resident at Yale New Haven Hospital and work part-time as a community pharmacist for CVS. This keeps me very busy, along with LKS, but I still manage to find time for fun outside work! I don’t have any cool and unique hobbies, but I do enjoy spending time with my husband and our pets. (Some of you may be familiar with our rabbits, Buttercup and Snowball, and the newest addition to our family, our schnauzer, Sophie). I also enjoy traveling (which is hard to do as a resident!), spending time at the beach, trying out new restaurants, and enjoying a nice relaxing spa day with friends.

Most memorable LKS experience?

As I’m sure many other long-time members will tell you, it’s pretty much impossible to choose just one memorable moment from my experience in LKS. From all the exciting recruitment events and the sister bonding activities to making lasting friendships with amazing women, there is something to love about being in LKS no matter who you are. I think the moment I knew I would be a lamb for life was my first Convention in Philadelphia in 2007. I was the only freshman who signed up to go that year, and I remember being hesitant because I didn’t know the other attendees as well as the girls in my class. But they encouraged me to go and really welcomed me and showed me how much fun Convention could be. I became more involved during my sophomore year and held my first leadership position as fundraising chair. I felt so much more connected to the fraternity both on a chapter level and an international level. Ever since then, I’ve attended every Convention (this year makes 11!) and have continued to form friendships with members near and far. I truly appreciate the older girls in my chapter taking me under their wing and showing me everything LKS has to offer. Now as an alumni member, I hope to share that passion with our newest members.

What advice would you give to fellow sisters?

Step out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, even if it means moving across the country or applying for a job you feel might be out of reach. It never hurts to try! And if you don’t succeed, use it as a learning experience for next time. Utilize all your resources (hint hint: all those fabulous sisters you’ve been networking with at Conventions and chapter functions) and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Believe that anything is possible. Never stop questioning the world around you and always keep your passion for learning. Even when the day is stressful, remember why we do what we do: for our patients and for the profession of pharmacy.

What job would you do if you weren’t a pharmacist?

I’d probably be a teacher. But I love baking so perhaps I’d open a bakery or a cupcake truck. Then again, I could never stay away from the medical field, so I could see myself being a doctor or a vet (because animals are the best)! Good thing I’m a pharmacist…I’d never be able to decide!

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