Meet Jenna Green

Chapter: Alpha Mu Chapter (Univ. of Toledo)

About Jenna

My name is Jenna Green and I will be a P1 student at Northeastern University in the fall! I joined Alpha Rho my freshman year of college and it was truly the best decision I’ve made in my college career. In LKS at Northeastern I’ve served on our fundraising and philanthropy committees and I am excited to be one of our New Member Educators for the upcoming semester. I am currently working at White Plains Hospital in New York for the summer and will be a peer tutor for general and organic chemistry when I’m back at school in the fall. Outside of pharmacy two of my favorite things to do are run and explore Boston. I especially love combining the two by trying out new running routes around the city.

Why did you join LKS?

I joined LKS because it seemed like a great way to get involved in the school of pharmacy and I really enjoyed meeting all of the current members. Everyone was so welcoming and I was so impressed with how involved LKS is within the university, community, and other pharmacy organizations. I also loved the sisterhood aspect of LKS, and how I know I have a group of sisters to rely on throughout pharmacy school and beyond.

Most Memorable LKS Experience

My most memorable LKS experience was my first fall retreat. At the end of my first semester in LKS we spent a day reviewing what we’ve accomplished as a chapter so far and plan for upcoming semesters. As a new member it was a great way to summarize everything LKS has done and got me so excited to get even more involved in the coming semesters.

Future Career Plans

I am really excited to start my first professional year of pharmacy school in the fall and receive my white coat. While I am enjoying my current institutional position at White Plains, I am looking forward to my next two co-ops/IPPE experiences in hopefully an outpatient hospital setting and abroad, respectively. As I’m interested in both clinical pharmacy and pharmacy research, I am hoping to foster those interests in my current and coming work experiences.

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