Meet Kacey Knapp

Chapter: Alpha Phi Chapter (Wilkes Univ.)

About Kacey

I am a P3 student at Wilkes University and currently serve as my chapter’s president. I joined Alpha Phi Chapter as a P1 in the fall semester of 2015. Since joining, I have been able to serve as president-elect and serve on the Convention Committee for the 2016 Annual Convention in Scranton.

At Wilkes, I am my APhA-ASP chapter’s Finance VP, an Anatomy and Physiology Teaching Assistant, and a Pharmaceutical Research Assistant with my professor. This summer, I had an amazing internship at the Mayo Clinic, where I completed medication reconciliations in the Emergency Department, completed four different mini-rotations and developed a CE presentation for pharmacy technicians on pediatric medication safety. I am currently working at United Health Services Hospitals in Johnson City, New York.

In my free time I love to run, read, binge TV shows on Netflix and create budgets!

Why did you join LKS?

I originally wanted to join a different pharmacy fraternity, Kappa Psi. However, when I went to the joint barbecue, the LKS members immediately made me feel welcome and like I was already a sister. Then, I got to know all of the members during recruitment and what LKS stands for, making me fall in love with LKS even more! I was amazed by how involved the members were in other clubs on campus, the service they did for the community and how every time I talked to a member I felt like I belonged to something bigger than me.

Most memorable LKS experience?

My most memorable experiences so far are working with my chapter to host the 2016 Convention in Scranton and attending the 2017 Convention in Atlanta. Being able to meet other collegiate and alumni members is always a highlight of my summer. I love to see how influential and motivated each LKS member is in their respective areas. I aspire to follow the footsteps of my sisters by leading with integrity, inspiring excellence and impacting my community every day.

What are your career plans?

After graduation, I plan on completing a PGY1 at a large academic center, and then completing a PGY2 in oncology. However, plans always change! In third grade, I told myself I would never become a pharmacist and here I am loving pharmacy school. I am ready for whatever twists and turns life has in store for me!

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