Meet Maria Stratton

Chapter: Alpha Chapter (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences)

About Maria

I joined Alpha Chapter in 2012 during my freshman year. Since then I have been very involved in my chapter, serving as President, SGA Representative, Professional Chair and on a number of committees. Throughout these positions and my time as a sister, it has been incredible to watch my chapter and its members develop, which has only enhanced my personal and professional growth. I have never met a group of women so diverse yet so cooperative. I think that is the secret to our success. The same is true on a national level. I attended my first convention in Boston in 2013 and was awestruck by the incredibly driven and successful women I met, both students and alumni. Since then I have attended convention in St. Louis in 2015, Scranton in 2016 and plan to keep coming back! In addition to hanging out at chapter events, in my spare time I enjoy Vinyasa Yoga and daily visits to Starbucks.

Why did you join LKS?

There is a common thread among every chapter of LKS and that is we are incredibly welcoming. I experienced that first hand when I (a very shy 18 year old) was greeted at recruitment events by a group of confident upperclassmen who, immediately and to my surprise, made me feel like I belonged. After joining, I experienced the incredible professional events, community service, leadership and mentorship that LKS has to offer. I know I wouldn’t have had those opportunities if it weren’t for the sisters who saw something in me and encouraged me to become a member. You could say that when I joined LKS I was interested in leadership and service opportunities that I saw modeled by those upperclassmen. But over the years, sisterhood became the Core Value that I identify with the most. I have since become involved in a number of professional organizations but will always feel most at home with LKS.

Most memorable LKS experience?

This is an easy one! Our Centennial Celebration in 2013 was one that I don’t think anyone in attendance could forget. All throughout the year proceeding it, my chapter was buzzing with excitement that we would be celebrating with the entire Fraternity in Boston. We pushed hard to raise about $10,000 while working at Gillette Stadium during Patriots Football games. I never knew flipping burgers and serving nachos could be so fun! When it came time for the much anticipated event, the evening I enjoyed most was hosting the opening reception in the White Hall. This used to be our college library, which means it is literally the room in which LKS began! That night, we also displayed artifacts from our founders. I remember the feeling of absolute wonderment about how much has grown from the original nine women who started a luncheon club.

What are your career plans?

Currently, I have experience in community and long-term care pharmacy. However, as my education progresses, I have become more interested in working in the acute care setting. I am in the process of applying for residencies after which I intend to specialize in critical care or emergency medicine. But I am also considering infectious disease. I was fortunate enough to participate in a research project this summer, and I hope that is something I am able to continue throughout my career.

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