Meet Rachel Wylie

Chapter: Alpha Zeta Chapter (St. Louis College of Pharmacy)

About Rachel

I am a P3 at St. Louis College of Pharmacy and a proud member of Alpha Zeta Chapter. I became a lamb in October 2013. I will never forget the night that I dropped my bid for Lambda Kappa Sigma. I remember walking into a classroom and immediately having the feeling of belonging. That night was the beginning of a lifelong commitment to my sisters near and far, to my future patients and to my profession.

I work at an HIV specialty Walgreens pharmacy. Each shift brings both some sort of learning opportunity and the knowledge that I chose the perfect profession for me. In my free time, I absolutely love to quilt, read and hang out with my LKS “lamb-ily”! We get together at least once a month just to have fun and decompress from all of our classes. We push each other to do our best both in and out of the classroom. Whether it’s 2 p.m. or 2 a.m., I know that they always have my back.

In my life as a lamb, I have attended two conventions (2015 in St. Louis and 2016 in Scranton). I am hoping to attend convention every year that I possibly can because reaffirm that pharmacy is the field for me and that I am a lamb for life. These amazing men and women remind me that I am always wearing my letters. It doesn’t matter where I am or who I am with, I will always be representing Lambda Kappa Sigma.

Throughout my career as an LKS sister, I have had the honor of being the 2015-2016 Parliamentarian for my chapter and the 2016 President of the Interfraternal Council. These positions helped me to bloom as a leader. Through these leadership positions, I have implemented many changes for the betterment of both my chapter and each of the seven fraternities on campus.

Why did you join LKS?

During my second year of college, I was a bit adrift and didn’t really fit in anywhere. I knew that I wanted to become more involved in pharmacy and to help my patients, but none of the organizations on campus appealed to me. The 2013 recruitment dinner opened my eyes that LKS was for me. Not only did I gain over 125 sisters, I gained a support system and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Most memorable LKS experience?

When I walked into the ballroom the first day of the 2015 St. Louis convention and saw more than 100 of my sisters. It amazed me that LKS had made such an impact on so many people. During that meeting, I met several of my current role models. These amazing women are the ideal LKS members. They speak with grace, knowledge and compassion, and they embody our core values in every way. I could not ask for better women to look up to.

What are your career plans?

My plans for after graduation include pursuing a career in nuclear pharmacy. I was given the opportunity to take a nuclear pharmacy class in the spring of 2016, and my professor made me fall in love with it! I know that I will thrive in the small nuclear pharmacy niche.

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