Meet Ruth Brown

Chapter: Eta Chapter

About Ruth

I am Ruth Brown, a proud Lamb for Life. I began my LKS involvement in March 1967 when I was initiated into Eta Chapter at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (now the University of the Sciences). A full-time hospital pharmacist for over 45 years, I am currently retired but “still working” as a per diem pharmacist at a local medical center.

Why did you chose LKS?

I chose LKS because the upper class and faculty women whom I had met were serious students but found time to have fun as well. It was the perfect combination for me. I was fortunate enough to have two of the most iconic LKS women as mentors during that time.

Virginia Osol, a Past Grand President who was largely responsible for keeping our Fraternity afloat during World War II, was a strong presence at our activities and even welcomed us into her home. Frances Curran, past Grand Secretary, ran the Fraternity out of her home in the days before there was a Headquarters Office. LKS was everywhere you looked!! Both these women had a strong love for LKS, and their passion and commitment to service inspired me to get and stay involved.

Tell us about your LKS experience.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have served LKS as a Region Supervisor, as Grand Vice President and, ultimately and very proudly, as Grand President. Having attended regional meetings and Conventions since 1968, I have been, am currently and will continue to be involved as a committee chair or member. I am happy to serve wherever I am needed. Because of this involvement and with a mutual love for LKS and respect for our profession, I have made and cherish many lifelong friendships.

One of the highlights of my Grand Council service came as I was installed as Grand President in Boston in 1988. As is our tradition, when each new Grand President is installed, the outgoing Grand President passes the ceremonial gavel. I was both surprised and honored when Norma Chipman Wells, another LKS icon, came forward and presented me with the presidential gavel that she and her sister, Clara, had donated to the Fraternity. It’s a special memory for me.

LKS has been a huge part of my life for 50 years. I can only hope I have many more years of service to give!

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