Meet Samantha Moxie

Chapter: Tau Chapter (Duquesne Univ.)

About Samantha

I have been a member of Tau Chapter since my freshman year. I am now in my fifth year and serve as chapter president. LKS has helped me keep my sanity throughout pharmacy school, especially as I battled a panic disorder. Outside of LKS, I strive to advocate for ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. LKS keeps me busy though. I attended last year’s convention and had a blast! LKS has granted me many opportunities to grow as a student, as a future pharmacist, and as a woman. LKS is very important to me, as its values are very similar to my own. The women in my chapter have always been supportive of me, especially in times of need. I never imagined becoming the leader that I am today until I met my sisters.

Why did you join LKS?

I joined LKS because I wanted to get to know people who have the same values and goals as I do. After meeting some of the members, I knew I found where I belonged. The sense of sisterhood between the members was undeniable. I knew that as a sister, I would have about a hundred girls who would always have my back. Tau Chapter had obviously made an impact on the community through several outreach and service events, and I wanted to become a part of that. To me, it was like I was becoming a part of a family not just an organization. I have met so many girls throughout my years as a member, and we continue to grow closer together.

Most memorable LKS experience?

My most memorable LKS experience would be planning new member activities with my co-chair Amber Lapping (now my VP). We got to know all of the new girls and motivate them to get involved in the organization beyond meeting the minimum requirements of membership. We grew to be the new members’ “moms”. In fact, they still call us mom a year later. My favorite new member activity that I got to plan was the “big/little reveal night.” Our chapter likes to keep the matches a secret until a surprise reveal night. Bigs are allowed to give hints as to who they are to their littles. Although it’s a stressful event to plan and make a success, it was the most rewarding part about that position. The excitement and shock in the new members’ faces when they found out they were receiving their bigs made all of the stress worth it.

What are your career plans?

I currently work in community pharmacy as an intern for Rite Aid Pharmacy. I love my job vert much! I have gotten to know my patients and their needs. I love making my patients smile as they leave. There is no better feeling.

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