Meet Sara Kolc

Chapter: Alpha Iota Chapter (Ferris State Univ.)

About Sara

My name is Sara Kolc (pronounced “colts”, like the football team). I am a P3 at Ferris State University, where I also did my undergraduate studies, earning an Associates of Science and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a Pre-Pharmacy focus.

I joined LKS in Fall 2011, making this is my 10th active semester! For our pharmacy program, the first two years are on campus at Ferris State’s main campus in Big Rapids, and the P3 year is off campus at our satellite location in Grand Rapids. Before I went off campus, I was a member of NCPA, Student Michigan Pharmacists Association, Order of Omega, Panhellenic Council Judicial Board, College of Pharmacy Team Recycle, College of Pharmacy Peer Mentor Program and American Business Women’s Association. I also served as the LKS delegate on Panhellenic Council. Through LKS, I have held the positions of Vice President, Alumni/PrePharm Liaison and Fundraising, Song & Scholarship and Convention chairs.

I have received multiple scholarships throughout my college career. Last spring, I was awarded a Torchbearer Award (Ferris State’s highest award to a student) and was named Greek Woman of the Year. I was also nominated for our chapter’s Donna Dancer Distinguished Service Award and Lamb of the Year.
Over the years, I have participated in various community service projects, logging over 120 hours of community service. I have had the privilege of attending two LKS conventions (St. Louis and Scranton) and was honored to be the delegate receiving Alpha Iota’s Chapter of the Year and Chrysanthemum Award this past convention! Additionally, I attend the Michigan Pharmacists Association’s annual convention in Detroit every February.

For the past two years, I have been employed as a Pharmacy Intern with Meijer Pharmacy. Aside from school, LKS and work, I love spending time with my friends and family. I am also addicted to shopping on Shutterfly, and I love writing letters and sending cards. When I find free time, I watch Netflix as well as my weekly shows I record. I love food, and every Monday I try a new restaurant in the Grand Rapids area!

Why did you join LKS?

I joined LKS because Ferris State is three hours away from my hometown, and I knew no one here. I felt like I belonged at the very first recruitment event I attended as a freshman. Everyone was there for each other and had a strong focus on their studies, which I fell in love with. My chapter has taught me so many skills that I don’t think I would have gained from other organizations. I have made so many new friends across the country from our amazing sisterhood.

Most memorable LKS experience?

My most memorable LKS experience was winning the lip sync competition with the gentlemen of Lambda Chi Alpha during homecoming 2012.

What are your career plans?

Although, I’m not currently as heavily involved with my chapter due to being off campus, I have been focusing on my studies and trying to grasp all the information they teach in the P3 curriculum. I’ve also been preparing to pick a topic for my doctoral project and am ready to take on rotations next year. I will do all of my P4 rotations at Spectrum Health Hospital in Grand Rapids. Following P4 year, it would be my dream to get into the Meijer/Ferris/Pfizer community pharmacy residency program. I plan to work as a team leader/staff pharmacist for Meijer Pharmacy post-graduation/residency. I have a strong passion for community pharmacy and working with people!

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