Meet Sarah Chin

Chapter: Xi Chapter (University of Rhode Island)

About Sarah

Currently a P3 student at the University of Rhode Island, I am working as an intern at Rhode Island Hospital (a Lifespan Affiliate) as well as interning for Rite Aid Pharmacy. For most my life prior to college, I used to dance competitively. Now that my free time is more limited, I’ve altered my hobbies to heated yoga classes and running whenever I can. (They both also serve as great stress relievers!) I also enjoy cooking or baking, especially on snowy days here in New England when you’re stuck inside. During the years I’ve been involved with Lambda Kappa Sigma, I have been on multiple committees and served as President after being Recording Secretary. So far I’ve attended national conventions in Naples, St. Louis and Scranton, and I can’t wait to see what Atlanta has to offer in 2017!

Why did you join LKS?

I joined LKS because I was so inspired by the older sisters I had met, who were proud to be part of the organization, and I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to be a sister and have a sense of support academically, professionally and personally.

Most memorable LKS experience?

My most memorable LKS experience was the St. Louis Convention in 2015. Not only was it an amazing city that I hope to visit again someday, but our chapter was named third runner-up for Chapter of the Year Award. That was an overwhelming moment of achievement for Xi Chapter! Most importantly, at the awards luncheon Dixie Leikach said, “You have to show up to go up”. This simple sentence continues to remind me that the first step of commitment to our organization starts from being present.

What are your career plans?

As of now I hope to work either in retail or in an outpatient clinic to help make an impact on the community. I want to be your local, friendly pharmacist who people trust to ask questions and lead them on a path to better health!

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