Meet Seerat Kapoor

Chapter: Alpha Mu Chapter (Univ. of Toledo)

Who am I?

I am a fourth year Pharmacy student (P2) at St. John’s University. I joined Lambda Kappa Sigma Alpha Pi chapter as a freshman in Spring 2015, and it was the best decision I ever made. Since then, I have served as the chapter’s fundraising chair where I led our chapter in raising $1,000 for Project HOPE and over $13,000 for American Cancer Society. Currently, I am the Orientation Leader for our incoming class. I hope to ignite as much passion I have for LKS into our new members. My goal for next semester is to execute an idea I proposed with the help of my sisters called, “Pharmacy Wars”. This is a school wide pharmacy- themed relay style event where teams compete to win first place. All proceeds for this event will go towards Project HOPE. I am excited to work alongside my sisters to make this event a success!

Outside of Lambda Kappa Sigma, I am very passionate about the pediatric population. I am the President Elect of Student Society of Pediatric Pharmacy, which is a group that raises awareness and advocates for pediatric patients. In addition, I currently work at Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center in Long Island as a pharmacy intern. I recently started my position there and love all the opportunities I have been given thus far.

In my free time, I love being involved in theatre. I have been involved in theater directing, stage-managing, and producing shows for about eight years. It is my passion. I also am a volunteer EMT for the first aid squad in my hometown in New Jersey and volunteer as often as I can. I love to travel, craft and shop with any time I have left over.

Why did I join Lambda Kappa Sigma?

I joined Lambda Kappa Sigma because I loved what the organization represented. It is not only an organization for empowering women, but also provides women with an amazing support system. Since I go to college away from home, my sisters truly became my family. They are people that I learn with, laugh with and grow with. I love the idea that if there is something I want to change or help make a difference, I have a group of people always supporting me with it. I see Lambda Kappa Sigma as a group of women working for the same goal and helping each other achieve it.

What is my most memorable experience?

Most of my memorable college experiences are from Lambda Kappa Sigma. Over the summer, I attended convention in Atlanta, and was inspired by all the leaders around me. I loved the passion and dedication I saw for LKS and it inspired me to be involved even after I graduate. In addition, every year our chapter participates in Relay for Life. Alpha Pi chapter has been the top non-Greek life fundraising team for over 12 years, and it’s amazing to see where our team efforts can bring us. Throughout the year we host events and various sales to do the best we can in raising money. The event itself is a very emotional one where we lean on each other for support as we remember those we lost to cancer. It truly exemplifies sisterhood and the support system LKS provides.

What are my career plans?

My current plan is to chase my lifelong dream of working with the pediatric population. After I graduate I hope to pursue a residency and become a pediatric clinical pharmacist. Pediatrics is a very specific population with all of their medications involving weight-based dosages. They are a population that cannot advocate for themselves. I like the challenges that this position entails and can see myself enjoying it. I have always loved children and hope my career path will allow me to work with them and help them in any way I can.

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