Meet Shirley Liang

Chapter: Alpha Rho Chapter (Northeastern University)

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Shirley, a P3 student at Northeastern University. I am originally from Beijing, China, and I came to US to pursue pharmacy. I joined LKS in my freshman year, and this is already my fifth year as a member of LKS Alpha Rho chapter. Not only did I serve LKS as the Lamb Chair for one year, and treasure for the past two years, but I was also an active contributor of fundraising, philanthropy, and professional committees. In 2017, I attended the convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Besides being a proactive member of LKS, I am also in charge of leading iron and lead (Pb) toxicity projects as a lab supervisor at a research lab.

I joined LKS because:

I came to Boston for college away from my family and country, and it was hard for me to adjust to such a foreign environment. But, when I attended LKS recruitment events in my freshman year, everyone welcomed me with love and true sisterhood as if I was already one of their sisters. Ever since then, I worked hard to represent the core values of LKS and enjoyed working with our sisters as I fulfilled responsibilities of each position I was in charge of.

My most memorable LKS experience:

My most memorable LKS experience was meeting with my LKS alumnus mentor, Ashly McPhillips. She was one of the founders of Alpha Rho chapter, and it was very inspiring to hear her story of activating the chapter. Hearing about Ashly’s leadership experience in both pharmacy school and her workplace always encourages me to get involved in leadership opportunities even more. Bonding over our memories we have in LKS is also very special in our mentor-mentee relationship. Having such an inspirational mentor who could guide me through pharmacy school and future career is the biggest gift I got through LKS sisterhood. I cannot say enough how much I learned from and was inspired by this wise woman, an accomplished leader and successful pharmacist.

Career plans:

I hope to get a fellowship upon my graduation and pursue research related pharmacy career in the future. But, I am also eager to explore different types of pharmacy-settings during rotations starting next semester.

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