Meet Sydney Perry

Chapter: Alpha Beta Chapter (Univ. of Connecticut)

About Sydney

I am in my second professional year at the University of Connecticut and work for CVS/Pharmacy in Storrs Mansfield. I don’t get a lot of free time between school and extra-curricular groups, but when I do, I love to be outside swimming, boating, hiking or just sitting and seeing the sights. When it’s cold out, though, I prefer to be a hermit and watch Netflix and sleep as much as possible! Since I joined LKS, I have been looking for leadership opportunities and trying my best to give back to the organization. I started as chaplain of my chapter for a year. During this time, I worked with my chapter president to create a new Project HOPE Committee of which I served as chair for three semesters. During this time, I organized two of our annual Hope waLKS 5Ks on campus. After that, I became one of our chapter’s membership educators. I am currently in my second semester in that role. I also just recently became part of the National Project HOPE Committee! I have gone to convention every year since I joined (Naples, St. Louis and Scranton) and plan to continue to do so for as long as possible. I love having the opportunity to meet girls from other chapters, interact with alumni members, expand my network and become closer with some girls in my own chapter.

Why did you join LKS?

I joined LKS as an out-of-state student hoping that it would expand my involvement and relationships in a new place. I also met some great people through the School of Pharmacy, many of them being older sisters who encouraged me to join and become a lamb! I also joined LKS to expand my network, as I didn’t know a lot about the pharmacy world and who to try to get to know. The sisters of LKS are definitely a great start there. I have met amazing women in so many different fields of pharmacy from all over the country!

Most memorable LKS experience?

Meeting my big, Chelsea. When we first met, we were both terribly awkward and somewhat dreading the task of meeting a new person. Our first dinner together, though, I came to realize that she is and always will be the best friend, mentor and older sister I could have ever asked for. She helps me through life, school and anything else I could possibly think of, and always does so with a smile on her face. I will never forget how accepted and loved I immediately was when I met her and the rest of my amazing lamb “fam”!

What are your career plans?

While I still have a few years left of school (and tend to change my mind quite a bit), I currently have a couple options that sound great to me. My dream would to become a pharmacist in the hospice setting. End-of-life care and pain management are some of my favorite topics covered in my classes so far, and I believe that helping people move through such a difficult time would be an extremely rewarding career. I also have a great job and amazing staff at CVS right now and would definitely be happy to stay with the company as well!

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