Meet Tina Thomas

Chapter: Alpha Mu Chapter (Univ. of Toledo)

About Tina

My name is Tina Baby Thomas, by friends and coworkers all call me Tina Baby. I am a P3 at St. John’s University. I have been given the opportunity to serve as president of the Alpha Pi chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma for the 2017-2018 academic year. I currently work at Montefiore Medical Center at the Moses Campus in the Bronx as an intern in the main inpatient pharmacy. Prior to this I spent one year at a CVS in East Northport, NY as a technician. My hobbies include singing, crocheting, painting, and grocery shopping. For one reason or another, I love grocery shopping! I joined LKS my freshman year of college, and I am most humbled to say that LKS brought me through pharmacy school and gave me the support to push through every obstacle I faced during my journey.

I joined LKS because

I joined LKS because I wanted to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. Coming into college I never thought of myself as a girl who would be a part of a fraternity/sorority. By chance I joined a few girls attending recruitment events, and by chance I liked what I saw. The lovely sisters of Alpha Pi opened my eyes to the movement that is Lambda Kappa Sigma. In them I saw dedication, passion, determination, service, motivation, and humility. I saw what I wanted to become and who I wanted to create out of myself. I joined LKS to become the best version of myself; the journey still continues but it has built on my character such depth that I wouldn’t even know how to explain.

My most memorable LKS experience

My most memorable LKS experience has to be when I realized one of my sisters became one of my closest and most dear best friends. I joined LKS in the spring of 2014 along side 5 other girls. One of these girls was Nicole, a girl who when I stood next to her, we were complete opposites. After joining LKS together, we had classes together, and we spend more and more time together. It wasn’t too soon that I realized Nicole and I had become almost inseparable. Instead of finding a sister in my best friend, LKS gave me a best friend in my sister.

Career plans

I dream of a career that would tickle my heart. I envision myself working to help people. Specifically, I hope to serve the developmentally disabled population. My dream is to work with this population and to improve their quality of life in any capacity I can, including Medication Therapy Management. After working for the adult developmentally disabled for the past 7 years, they truly have shown me their lives in many different aspects. However, the one aspect that hit my heart so powerfully was the misuse of PRN medications to sedate or ameliorate “episodes” for the ease of the caretaker. Abuse and neglect is still alive and well in this population and I will not stand for it. I hope one to serve this population to the best of my ability to provide them with the fighting chance of happiness and accomplishment. I am not sure how I will achieve my dream, but I know that I am not afraid if I cannot find a clear path to this goal, for I will carve a path for myself one way or another.

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