Meet Yen Ngo

Chapter: Alpha Theta Chapter (State Univ. of New York at Buffalo)

About Yen

I am currently a P4 student. Prior to pharmacy school, I was living in California and graduated from University of California–Davis with a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. As a child, I spent my childhood in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Why did you join LKS?

I met LKS members during orientation and was charmed by their personalities, which made me want to get to know more about the organization. Before I knew it, LKS became my Buffalo family. During my time with the chapter, I had the honor to serve as the chapter’s external secretary and be actively involved in its service committee. Through LKS, I got to meet and know people on a personal level, and this really helped broaden my network. LKS is comprised of amazing individuals who support each other and take great pride in what we accomplish together. Not only that, the time I spent with everyone was one of the most relaxing and happiest moments during pharmacy school.

Most memorable LKS experience?

This past August at Convention, I had the opportunity to present my poster on the Organ Donation Awareness Challenge. It was an honor to represent Alpha Theta Chapter and to finish in second place in the Core Value Poster Competition!

What are your career plans?

Upon graduating, I plan to pursue a career in clinical pharmacy with a focus on organ transplant. My passion for organ transplant comes from my research, as I am currently conducting a research project on post-transplant patients. In addition, I would like to incorporate my upbringing with my knowledge of pharmacy practice to improve the quality of interpersonal care in under-served Vietnamese-American communities in San Jose, California.

Ricardo SilvaYen Ngo